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Dwarka’s Transformation

Omaxe Commercial at Dwarka 19B Delhi 22.2 million sq ft

Omaxe Dwarka 19B Delhi is more than just a shopping center; it spreads over 22.2 million sq. ft. It’s a commercial project with a modern and luxurious design and spacious interior make it worthy

The Delhi property market is everevolving with fresh structures that set new standards of comfort and luxury. The Omaxe Dwarka project stands out, symbolizing modern life. The renowned Omaxe Group is praised for its commitment to being top-notch and innovative, claiming Omaxe Dwarka as one of their many exceptional developments. This article dissects Omaxe Dwarka's plentiful elements and provides an indepth appraisal of its multitudinous benefits for those looking to invest in living or commercial spaces.

Location and Accessibility

Omaxe Dwarka sits right in the heart of Delhi, offering excellent access and links. Being in the lively Dwarka district makes it close to key spots like the Indira Gandhi International Airport, major roads, and metro lines. This favorable spot means homeowners can easily travel to different parts of Delhi and the National Capital Region daily.

A lot of facilities are included in the Omaxe Dwarka project with the intention of improving the living conditions of everyone inside. Among them are:

Omaxe Dwarka blend with Delhi existing setup is commendable. Because of sturdy links to key streets and public transit, getting to places like Connaught Place, Gurgaon, and Noida is a breeze with this project.

Features in Omaxe Mall Dwarka 19B

Dwarka Sector 19B, Omaxe Mall is like a festival of shopping. It's the go to place for essentials. It's not just about shopping, though! With vast interiors, modern layout, and food places, it’s a crowd pleaser. Locals hang out here. Tourists too. Everyone likes the mall vibe.

Shopping and Entertainment Options

Omaxe Mall presents an array of goods that caters to diverse preferences, from electronics and home furnishings to high end fashion labels. The entertainment zone is designed for all, featuring a cinema complex and thrilling game arcade.


Omaxe Dwarka stands as a paragon of modern urban life. This choice spot suits both living and business needs due to its prime location, abundant features, and commitment to quality. With Dwarka's ongoing growth, placing your bets on Omaxe Dwarka hints at a promising tomorrow for investors

Omaxe Dwarka

  • Location Sector 19B Dwarka
  • Type I Cricket Stadium
  • Type II Retail Mall
  • Investment Starts80 Lakhs* Onwards

Omaxe Dwarka Site Plan


Project Video


Cricket Stadium


Retail Mall


₹2.5 Crs* Onwards


New Dwarka

Dwarka's Transformation

Great Connectivity

with the NCR Region


has something for everyone.

The growth

of Dwarka has moved the growth of real estate

Dwarka provides

a range of options that help you find the most deals

A True Revolution

3.5 million square feet of retail space

Sports Arena

an international cricket stadium with seating of 30,000

Salient Project USPs

• Unique Independent Commercial Built-Up Area Opportunity

• Super Built Area of approx. 70,000 Sq.ft.

• Estimated Value INR 1000 crores

• Timeline for Completion – 36 Months

• Payment Plan can be discussed

Omaxe Dwarka